Last minute deal for July: destination Elba Island

The discount code for the ferry is included
The holidays are close, now is the time to book, here on the island of Elba you can already sense the fragrance of summer.

Avoid travelling on the busy weekend; on weekdays, you can save on the cost of the ferry and you can take advantage of cheaper rates with our discount code.

Make use of our latest availabilities now, for the end of June as well as July, and book your holiday in a mobile home on the Island of Elba in Rosselba le Palme; so that you can discover a natural oasis like you have never seen before.


Here are some of the proposals for a stay

From July 18 to 30
2 nights with 4 - 5 people for € 380
3 nights with 4 - 5 people for € 540
5 nights with 4 - 5 people for € 800

From July 19 to 25
Room MIRTO for 2 people
6 nights for € 750 BREAKFAST IS INCLUDED

From July 27 to August 2
An apartment for 2 - 3 people
6 nights for € 820

From July 28 to August 4
A room for 2 people
8 nights for 2 people for € 875 BREAKFAST IS INCLUDED

+ FERRY DISCOUNT CODE if you travel during the week

Contact us for other proposals for a stay, we will find the most suitable accommodation for you.

The price includes:
  • consumption of water, electricity and gas
  • bed sheets
  • final cleaning
  • entry into the pool and in the baby pool
  • entry to the gym
  • animation

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Niech nie pominą Cię żadne nowości.
Niech nie pominą Cię żadne nowości

Zapisz się i otrzymasz gratis i z wyprzedzeniem oferty i nowości na twoje wyśnione wakacje w Rosselba le Palme! Dodatkowo otrzymasz w prezencie fantastyczny Przewodnik na twoje wakacje.
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