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Elba's most beautiful beaches

Here are our tips regarding the most beautiful beaches of the Elba Island: a ranking made by Rosselba Le Palme
The island of Elba is a trove of natural treasures, as well as having a vast gastronomic tradition, next to architecture and history.
Mother Nature has been extremely generous with our island. She has given us lush vegetation and beautiful hills, beaches with sand like talcum powderblinding white pebble beaches, cliffs of rocks or granite, all surrounded by waters as clear as spring waters. With colours that turn the sea green to turquoise, up to the ultramarine blue, to be found in the depths offshore.
On the 27 km long island there are more than one hundred beaches. Each one is different from the other, when you come to visit us you will be spoiled for choice and your days will not be enough to discover them all!

You can choose them according to your taste and, above all, based on the winds that beat the island day by day; Elba is, in fact, the perfect size to move easily from one coast to another - even within a day - to choose the perfect beach, sheltered from the currents.

Now let us see which beaches are the most beautiful and, in our opinion, you absolutely should not miss:

Padulella beach

The most fascinating features of the Padulella beach are the white cliffs that touch it and surround it with a dazzling light; the white of these walls, dotted here and there with the colours of the Mediterranean scrub, is reflected and stands out against a play of dazzling colours.
Padulella is a pebble beach smoothed by the coming and going of the sea on the shoreline, it is located in the north of the island, between Capo Bianco and Portoferraio, just over 10 km from Rosselba Le Palme.

Capo Bianco

It is not difficult to imagine where the name of this beach comes from; bordering Padulella it shares the same cliffs and colour, which continues from the walls to the beach and the seabed, until it becomes almost unbearable to the eyes, for its light and its beauty.
Recommended - like all northern beaches - on Sirocco days.

Capo d'Enfola

At Capo d'Enfola there is a very unique beach on the Island of Elba; to be exact there are two beaches and one is closer than the other, because we are talking about the only isthmus on the island.
A strip of sand shoots out from Viticcio and Acquaviva (where you find the Sansone and Sorgente beaches) to stand out against the blue of the sea and the sky in the shape of the verdant Monte Enfola.
Going along the loop path you can reach an old restored tuna fishery, now home to the Tuscan Archipelago National Park, here you can enjoy one of the most fascinating views of the island.
Of the two beaches, the one facing south is more suitable for bathers while the other is used to moor fishing boats.

Capo Sant'Andrea

From the top of the Enfola promontory (135 m above sea level) the eye goes off to the side and along the coast, until they reach Capo Sant'Andrea.
Leaving the northern slope and pushing to the west you cannot miss Sant'Andrea beach, where the scenery changes and turns from pebble beaches to round rocks and rocky bottoms that host numerous fish schools easily viewable with a mask and snorkel.

TIP: once you reach Sant'Andrea beach, do not stop on the coast but go beyond the rocks on the right, looking toward the sea: you will find a path along the rocks, a walkway that runs along the walls; here you will be transfered into an enchanted paradise.
Recommended are rubber shoes for the rocks and avoid sea urchins!

Fetovaia beach

One must not forget Fetovaia, on the Island of Elba, when listing its most beautiful beaches.
This beach is not only suggestive but also interesting in its naturalistic context: Punta Fetovaia is a promontory kissed by the sun, covered with fragrant Mediterranean scrub that enriches the variety of colors present in this enchanting palette.

The beach here is golden and of fine sand, loved by those who prefer this feature over gravel or rocky pebbles. Its position also makes it sheltered from all the winds that caress the island; for this reasons you will always find a bit of a crowd, but once you take a dip in the water you will become so immersed in the beauty of the place that only wonder will remain.

Laconella beach

This beach is the wildest of those listed so far: it is located in the south of the island, not being equipped it is little frequented and offers an intimate contact with the surrounding nature.

Its sand is white and very fine, bordering on coarse gravel on one side and the striking Contessa peak cliffs on the other.
The white backdrop stands out even more because of the clarity of the water, which takes on aquamarine shades giving a play of reflections to leave you breathless.

This beautiful beach also offers the opportunity to see old remains from World War II and to take a stroll to the tip of the Contessa and its small beach secluded from the rest of Elba.

Now it is your turn!

Now it is up to you to come and visit us and draw up your own list of the most beautiful beaches on the Island of Elba .
September is the ideal time to visit our beaches: the winds and the sea are calmer and the beaches less crowded ... we are expecting you !


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